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Alberto Treves is a school building specialist with more than 1000 projects completed in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. He specializes in the early steps of the process, having done facility evaluations, master plans, written design manuals, and specifications, carried on school designs and advised governments and private institutions on capital improvement projects. He holds a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, a Certificate in Educational Facilities Planning obtained in 2001 from the University of California, and he has Recognized Educational Facility Planner designation granted 2003 by the Council of Educational Facility Planners International.

Over the years, Alberto Treves has developed a special ability to review and assess how projects perform and whether they achieve the expected impact. Investments in school infrastructure, furniture, equipment, and educational material are usually very high and there is a fair expectation that every dollar spent will yield a positive return in terms of not only improving coverage and retention of students but also making schools more relevant to communities and more attractive for teachers to work in.

Because of Alberto Treves’ extensive and diverse experience, he can identify challenges in school building programs and offer several courses of action with proven solutions to improve what is already working or to reverse course when needed. Even though a school building is materialized by masons, plumbers, electricians, among others, there is a multifaceted process leading up to it. Most of the time, it starts with the acknowledgment of a certain shortfall in educational services, an in-depth needs assessment, and/ or a very specific policy direction. In all cases, feasibility studies or pre-investment analysis are necessary to evaluate delivery options and the resources that are necessary to deploy project/ program objectives.

In summary: As a consultant and team leader, Alberto Treves has always supported very ambitions and innovative projects that provide clients with facilities that are safe, appropriate for the function, attractive, cost-effective, and sustainable.

International experience includes: Argentina, Belize, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Gaza, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, United States, and Venezuela.

Clients include: World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, African Development Bank, USAID, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Unesco, Department of Labor, Department of Defense, District of Columbia Public Schools, and other prestigious public and private organizations.

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